First came Gryffin, then Galen. He was from Georgia; she is from North Carolina. He was my first child – the canine son who dug up my maternal instincts so I could mother my human daughters. Galen joined our family in November 2010, two months after Gryffin died. She didn’t replace him so much as she replaced the emptiness in our home and in our hearts.

Dogs touch us in ways we can never have imagined.

Gryffin’s last winter.

Galen's first winter.

Galen’s first winter.










At She’s a Dork you can expect to read my musings on the quirkiness of canines, especially Galen, who inspired this blog and for whom it is named; my research into those eight weeks before my husband and I brought her home, when she and her litter were whisked out of a North Carolina shelter, and transported to New Jersey; and findings from my investigation into why dogs in the United States seem to travel only one direction: south to north. For many of these dogs, their rescue means the difference between life and death.

This blog is dedicated to every shelter dog awaiting a home, the people who rescue them, and the families who love them.

Jacki Skole  

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  1. I’ll spread the word about your blog to folks in Iraq. Alas, the Middle East treats dogs very differently than folks in the West. In Baghdad’s Green Zone, when the dog population grows too big, the govt hires men to “cull” which means shoot.

    You are a terrific writer. So happy to hear about your publishing success.

    • Sadly, until the last few years, there have been areas in the U.S. that culled the same way. I think (I hope) we’ve moved beyond that.
      Thanks for the shout-out to folks in Iraq. Stay safe, and keep up those facebook posts. Your insights are fascinating.

  2. Christine and Casey from LCPO asked me to get in touch with you, as I have a pit bull dog pulled from a heart sticking shelter in GA. She was pulled with her 8 puppies at the last second, a few days before Christmas in 2011. They thought you might be interested in her story! Feel free to get in touch with me if so.

  3. I always get so emotional reading about “our” rescued pets. So much love and companionship exists in a family with pets. If only we could come up with more effective solutions to reducing the shelter population without having to make the difficult decision to put them down…

  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really don’t care if I don’t have creative things to say.
    As long as I know that you think they are wonderful, I will keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I am very sorry if you don’t see very creative sayings in my comments. It is just that I have kind of ran out of wonderful things to say to your amazing work. You are such a fabulous writer!


  6. you have gotten very far with this with the amount of time you have been working on it which shows that you really care about this and that you are very focused. that really shows in your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. This is totally getting published in my heart! Even if it actually doesn’t, always remember that in some way it is.

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