Dogs are Teachers, Too

I never stop being amazed at how many people I meet in the Northeast who have made a dog from the South a member of their family.  And now I know someone for whom one just wasn’t enough.

I’m taking an online non-fiction book writing course, and it is through this course that I met Loren.  We have much in common: a background in television, a yearning to write a book, and a love of dogs, but where as I have only one canine companion, Loren has three.  They are her children.

I’ve said many times that my first dog, Gryffin, prepared me for motherhood, and I believe that Galen, in all her quirkiness, is inspiring me to write. Loren — in her introduction to our classmates — noted that despite having both graduate and undergraduate degrees, “My dogs have taught me more than I learned in college.”  Amen.

Here are pictures of Loren’s beautiful dogs.


Orry Maine, a Tennesee native.

“He was named “Monty” which he clearly had no interest in acknowledging, and we played Rumplestiltskin until he perked up at this most unlikely choice.  Not sure why absolutely no one remembers this, but it was the name of Patrick Swayze’s charter in North and South, which seemed very appropriate.”    -Loren






Stella, from Alexandria, Louisiana.




Pete, from Austin, Texas. “The product of the best rescue we have encountered.” -Loren

Orry and Stella

“They blend together so well that it is impossible to imagine them existing apart.  This morning, they were laying side by side and I saw Orry casually put his arm over his sister’s back, where it lay for another fifteen minutes of sleep. The magic of rescue.” -Loren

If you rescued a southern pup, send me a picture (or two).  I’ll post the pictures of your pooch, too. -Jacki

2 responses to “Dogs are Teachers, Too

  1. I am a big fan of multiple-dog families. Just like children, dogs should have siblings (no, their human siblings don’t count).

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