Guest Post: The best pet of all!

Today’s musing comes courtesy of my eight-year-old daughter via a third grade writing assignment that asked students to write an essay about their favorite pet.


A dog is my favorite pet, and why? You are probably wondering. This is why. First because they are cute and cuddly. There are so many different kinds that when you go to the shelter to get a dog, you don’t know which one to choose because they are all so adorable. Also, because they are fun to train. When we got our dog after the first died, she was such a pleasure to have for a new pet.  And we played a lot with her. She was very energetic, so we took her to Doggy Daycare, and it changed everything.  We also didn’t have to teach her to sit. When someone held up a treat, right away she would sit. And lastly, because they are the best things to help you cheer up. My dog always cheers me up when I cry.  And when we were at a New Year’s party, I was fooling around with a pool ball with my friend, and the pool ball hit my finger and it hurt badly. Lucky for me they had a dog. And she cheered me up plenty. Dogs are my absolute favorite pet so I am thrilled to have one. Do you have a dog?


I love this essay for so many reasons (beyond the obvious maternal pride in a daughter’s creativity and near flawless grammar and punctuation.) But what struck me on first read was her declaration that people adopt dogs from shelters.

Not pet stores.  Not breeders.  Shelters.

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